Interview with the Minister of Science, Hon. Kirsty Duncan on the Federal Budget 2018

On Monday afternoon, the Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Kirsty Duncan spoke with Canadian Science Policy Conference’s founder and CEO, Mehrdad Hariri, to discuss support for science in budget 2018. Below is an excerpt of what Minister Duncan had to share:

How do you feel about this budget and in particular the section on science?

“I am so proud of our government’s strong support for science and support of the people who work so hard to make Canada a leader in research and innovation.

POV – The Lockup

Until about three weeks ago, I had never heard of the budget lockup. Scientists don’t get much training in policy and little regular exposure to politicians. So like many others, I have relatively little direct experience of what actually happens on Parliament Hill. But last week, I had the opportunity to witness and participate in an extraordinary event, the budget lockup, which brings together stakeholders to receive first glance as the budget in the hours before the Minister of Finance delivers it in the house.

At Last-A gender budget

Finally, a budget that examined every measure through a gender lens to bring life to the goals of this government to create equality in Canada. What results is a budget that supports women across the spectrum of issues including growing a business, participation in construction and other trades, proactive pay equity, parental benefits, inclusion, protection from domestic violence and to strengthening Status of Women Canada. Canada has been advocating gender budgets around the world for some years so it is very heartening to see the actualization of this initiative in our 2018 budget.

The Summit is in View!

Budget 2018, Equality Growth: A Strong Middle Class has proposed unprecedented support for Canadian health research and innovation through an investment of nearly $4 billion in Canada’s research system.

Although we may not have arrived at the peak of the research community’s Mount Everest, we have reached a new plateau and our fellow mountaineers are friendly.

Budget 2018 investments advance FSR panel’s vision

Canada’s research community mobilized this past year as never before to make the case for major reinvestment in our federal research ecosystem. With alignment across institutions, networks and organizations – from students to faculty and administrators – we’ve raised awareness that such investments will enhance quality of life, strengthen our economy and advance Canada’s standing in the world. With Budget 2018 promising the single largest investment in fundamental research in Canadian history, the federal government has clearly stated its agreement.


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