Science Meets Parliament

Science Meets Parliament is a pilot project that aims to bring ten to fifteen scientists to the Hill for professional development and one-on-one meetings with MPs. We endeavour to make this milestone project an annual event that brings scientists working in Canada to the House of Commons to meet with Parliamentarians, attend House committee meetings, discuss scientific research, and gain familiarity with the political process of policy-making.

The Canadian Science Policy Centre outlined the plan for Scientists on the Hill on page 11 of the Five-Year Strategic Plan (2018-2023) as a mechanism to connect communities of science policy to foster dialogue and enhance mutual understanding.

This program is modeled on the program run by Science and Technology Australia now in its 19th year. You can find more information about the Science and Technology Australia’s Science Meets Parliament event by clicking here.

Scientists and politicians desire a mechanism to build close and resilient connections. Strengthening evidence-based decision-making is among the priorities of this government and requires systematic connectivity between scientific and policy-making communities. This project will help to generate an ongoing channel of connectivity between the two communities.

This program aims to deepen the understanding and appreciation of science and policy. Selected scientists from across the country will spend one day in the House of Commons, attend the committees, question period, and meet face-to-face with Parliamentarians.

For Parliamentarians:

  • Provides the opportunity to interact with researchers driving science and innovation,

  • To improve connections with scientists from across the country and discuss the intersection of science and decision-making on the Hill

For Scientists:

  • Opportunity to meet face to face with political community and elected members of parliament from all political stripes. Scientists will have the opportunity to discuss their research with MPs.

  • To learn about the organization, rationale, and motivations of decision-making in parliament procedures.

  • Eligibility
    Eligible delegates include scientists and engineers (Post Doctoral Fellows and Professors at any level) from all disciplines, including Social and Human Sciences, who are affiliated with a Canadian post-secondary institution. For this year’s pilot project, we expect that only 10-15 candidates will be selected.

    CSPC will oversee the application process and select the final Delegates based on applicant diversity in terms of geography, language, gender, discipline, career stage, and visible minority.

    The one day event will include:

    • An informative session with a science communicator to engage the scientists on “How to communicate your scientific research with politicians,”

    • Meetings with Parliamentarians and possibly Minister of Science (Subject to her availability),

    • Observation of house committee meetings of the day,

    • Lunch on Parliament Hill,

    • Attending Question Period,

    • A poster session open to Parliamentarians,

    • Networking reception with MPs and a final casual speech by a guest of honour.

    The exact agenda of the day will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

    Mandatory requirements

    1. Registration fee: Accepted delegates will pay $250, which will include breakfast, lunch, evening networking reception, and admission to the program.
    2. Scientists who attend this session are required to either present a lecture at their host institution and/ or write an editorial for CSPC’s editorial page about their experience, interactions with parliamentarians, and insights they gained during this experience.

    Please note selected scientists must cover their travel and accommodation costs.

    Deadline to apply: Friday, August 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM (PST).