Adi Treasurywala

ArrowCan Partners Inc.

Adi Treasurywala's career of four decades has spanned the divide between well established large industry and small early technology innovators in a unique and fluid way. Two and a half decades with such companies as Wyeth Ayerst, Sterling Drug, Pfizer, and Allelix in both Canada and the US provided Adi with a firm foundation of industry norms and attitudes in the full range of positions from the bench to strategic levels of senior management in R&D and Business Development. Adi leveraged this experience at the University of Toronto as their Director of Business Development and COO of the Innovation Foundation. His unique perspective led him in 2005 to start ArrowCan Partners Inc. - a private company dedicated to adding value to the research/industry conversation through an approach which hinges on the concept of building solid relationships on all sides in advance of the exceptional deals that naturally follow. ArrowCan is a Canadian company with a national focus. It works with a diversity of innovator pools to produce connections with people and technologies for its industry clients leading to deals which close faster and last longer than those forged through the
more traditional approaches. Adi is a consummate networker and has connected more than four hundred people to one another in vetted, value-added, non-obvious connections last year alone and continues to be a source of appropriate connections in many different fields today.
ArrowCan's belief is: Good deals are a CONSEQUENCE of good relations; not the other way around.