Criteria for Short Talk Presentations

Panel Proposal Deadline: Monday April 15th 2019.

CSPC invites individuals for the first time to submit proposals for a single 10-min presentation at the CSPC 2019 conference. This is to ensure the inclusion of all individuals who have great ideas to be presented at conference, in particular the younger generation and those who have not had speaking engagement at previous conferences. 

Please note:
This is a highly competitive process, as limited numbers of presentation are accepted. Presentation from youth, or those with unique or novel topics are encouraged. The selected speakers will be responsible for their travel and accommodations. Timeline of short talk application is similar to general panel submission process, which can be found here.

Short talk proposals will be ranked based on the following criteria.

  1. Quality of the proposed session: proposal description and justification

  2. The importance, or the novelty of the topic, and why it should be included in the program as a short talk.