CSPC 2019 Panel Formats

Panel proposal submissions are now closed. Thank you for your submissions!

NOTE: Proponents will be notified in early May as to proposal acceptance.

The objective of introducing a range of panel formats is to ensure maximum interactivity with the audience and diversified panel sessions at the CSPC. Every year, the CSPC organizing team, using the delegates feedback and consultations with some of the panel organizers introduce new format for panel discussions. The CSPC 2019 panel formats designed to have present diversified formats, and maximum interactivity with the audience.

Please note the followings:

  • Traditional panel format will receive a low ranking in panel format criteria question.

  • The organizers must explain how they ensure the maximum interactivity.

  • We always encourage new innovative ways of presentation and discussion in the panels.

Please see the panel format lists and descriptions below (in alphabetical order)

  • An original, interactive format (organizers must explain how this is new and interactive in the application form)

  • Case Studies

  • Debate Format

  • Green Paper Discussions

  • Interactive Learning Session (Workshop)

  • Traditional Panel Session


An original, interactive format:

If you come up with a new, interesting format of interactivity, to allow more audience participation than talking head discussion, we highly recommend that. Examples of these sessions include the session took place last year at CSPC 2018:

Also you can read more about Un-Conference notion.

We highly encourage new models and approaches to panel organization.


Case Studies:

This format, can be one of the following:

A means of learning from diverse experiences relating to the theme issue,


one issue – from Canadian and international sources is being discussed.

  • Total time allocation – 80 min

  • Panelists – Chair/moderator plus max of 4 case studies

  • Max time for panelist presentations – 50 min; 30 to 60 min to be reserved for discussion.


Debate Format:

This is an opportunity to present a debate format discussion between two individuals or two groups of individuals (maximum 2 per groups) to support or reject a resolution (a phrase that starts with : Be it resolved that…). The resolution will be voted by the audience - at the beginning and at the end of the session.

The session will be heavily moderated by a chair/moderator.

  • Total time allocation – 40 or 80 min

  • Panelists – Chair/moderator plus two panelists that speak for or against the resolution.

  • Introduction by moderator – 5 min

  • Each panelist defends the position – 10 min

  • Panelists get into debate and provide supplementary points – 5 min each

  • Moderator will ask different questions to challenge each position

  • Max time for panelists discussions – 20 or 50 min; 15-30 min to be reserved for discussion Q&A for five minutes is encouraged after every section of the debate


Green Paper Discussions:

Discussion focuses on issues raised in papers available to participants in advance and catalyzed by the commentary of expert respondents.

A Green Paper is a Government publication that details specific issues, and then points out possible courses of action in terms of policy and legislation.

  • Total time allocation – 80 min

  • Possible approach:

    • Chair/moderator to set context – 5 min

    • Green paper author(s) – 12 min (paper should be available to participants in advance)

    • Respondents – 3 @ 8 min each

    • Discussion – around 40 min

    • Chair/moderator to lead discussion on next steps


Interactive Learning Session (Workshop):

An approach to engaging participants in a hands-on learning or participatory activity in any format. This format should include minimal, if any, formal presentation.

  • Total time allocation – 40 or 80 min

  • Participants and role:

    • Chair/moderator to outline issue and approach (5 min)

    • Interactive session, or small working groups 35 - 80 min

    • Wrap up – 10 min


Traditional Panel Session:

Expert panelists provide their independent opinion on the topic of the panel in an interactive session framed by the Chair/moderator.

  • Total time allocation – 40 min or 80 min

  • Panelists – Chair/moderator plus max of 4 presenters for an 80-min session or 3 presenters for a 40-min session).

  • Max time for panelist presentations – 4-6 blocks of 10-15 min for each topic


Short Talk Series:

The short talk series is for individuals to present a 10-minute talk. This format is NOT for panels. This is a new and competitive format and the selection criteria favors novel and engaging presentation ideas. It is ideal for speakers who are new to the CSPC and have an idea that can be succinctly communicated in a 10-minute talk.

  • Total time allocation – 10 min

  • One speaker (CSPC organizers will arrange the other speakers in the session)

  • To apply for short talk, please use a different application form (link)