CSPC 2019 Panels & Speakers

CSPC 2019 Featured Editorials

Teresa Scassa
  Digital technologies that collect, process, and analyze data are evolving at lightning speed. In this context, ‘agile’ has become the...
Nathan Alexander Sears
Humankind may soon greatly expand its power over nature through a range of potentially transformative technologies. Advances in biotechnology, like...
Yasmin Khan
Risks from infectious and non-infectious emergencies are increasing in communities globally, influenced by emerging infectious diseases, extreme...
Marcela Reyes, PhD
Alejandra Ortega, Soc. Anth, MSc(c)
Carolina Venegas, MSc
Camila Corvalan, PhD
  In recent decades, obesity has shown a continuous rise worldwide. Chile is one of the countries with the highest rates of obesity in the...
Alice Fleerackers
Julia Krolik
Cat Lau
Dorina Simeonov
  A recent survey paints a surprising picture of the state of science in Canada. While the vast majority of Canadians — 84 percent — believe...
Monique Crichlow
David Castle, PhD
  Smart cities promise increased prosperity and improved quality of life for communities that can strategically leverage advanced technology...
Dr. Viviane Poupon
In 2016, The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital) launched an initiative to fully adopt open science with the creation of the...
Suzzane Kettley
Several Authors
  Internationally, the drive to make scholarly research available to all (Open Access - OA), is gathering momentum, spurred in large part by...
Christina Tessier
Most Canadians believe that in the future, scientific advancement will play a major role in solving challenges and pressing needs.[1] Research shows...
Dr. Margot A. Hurlbert
The connection between policymakers, scientists and the public is essential in advancing innovative technology and policy to solve complex problems...
Dr. Uwe Glässer
Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, severity and sophistication. Is Canada well-positioned in this arena and ready to take on the growing...
Farah Qaiser
Frank Telfer
Tina Gruosso
Bensun Fong
Science didn’t make headlines during the 2019 Canadian federal elections — but for once, it did receive more attention, in part, due to scientists...
H.E. Anne Kari H. Ovind
The Arctic is undergoing immense change. The region is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe. Particles of plastics burnt halfway around the...
M. A. Lemay
The ‘promise of science’ is about envisioning possible futures from advances in science and technology.  It is our expectation that science will...
Luba Petersen
The Bank of Canada’s communication is critical during uncertain economic times and plays an influential role in consumer behaviour. These...
Chris McPhee
Margaret Bancerz
The pressure is on! Farmers around the world are facing incredible challenges to increase food production and protect the environment, all while...
David O’Neill, PhD
Christine Williams, PhD
In a climate where public funding is emphasizing value for money, there is a rising need to better capitalize on government investment in research...