CSPC 2020 Panel Formats

All panels are 90 minute sessions.

The objective of introducing a range of panel formats is to ensure that CSPC 2020 presents a  diverse range of formats and facilitates maximum interactivity with the audience. Every year, the CSPC organizing team, using feedback from previous conference delegates and consultations with some of the panel organizers, introduces new formats for panel discussions. The following formats are invited for CSPC 2020 Panel Proposal Submissions:

  1. An original, interactive format: If your panel is presented with an innovative interactive format such as fishbowl, or other format, please select this option. Please explain in the questionnaire how this is a new and innovative format, and how it would be conducted.

  2. Green paper discussion: If your panel discussion is based on a green paper- a consultation by one or collective organizations mainly to provide input on an existing policy or development of a new policy; please select this option. 

  3. Case study: If your panel involves a detailed description and analysis of a particular case or cases, please select this option.

  4. Workshop/ interactive learning session: If your session is designed to engage the audience in activities in smaller groups and is more tuned for learning opportunities, please select this option. 

  5. Debate: If your session will be a formal discussion on a particular topic, in which opposing arguments are put forward by 2 individuals or two groups of individuals, please select this option. 

  6. Traditional panel discussion: If your session is arranged with a few expert panelists presenting findings and discussing a topic, and there is a Q&A session at the end, please select this option.