Application Form: Science Policy Award of Excellence, Youth Category (CSPC 2020)

Applications must be submitted, in English or French, by 23:59 (applicant’s local time) on Friday, August 28th, 2020.

Create an account for your proposal in order to modify, update and save drafts of your proposal online anytime before submitting your final version prior to the deadline.

Please ensure that each element below is included and does not exceed the stated word counts. Accompanying videos (of not more than 10 minutes), posters or presentations (in PowerPoint or Prezi) are also welcome in addition to the completed web form.

Proposals will be anonymized and reviewed blind by an expert committee.

Citations for sources of evidence should follow the IEEE style with square brackets for in-text citations. Citations are not included in the word count. Click here for IEEE guidlines.

For any inquiries please contact us at

Applicant Information
(No more than 150 words)
In 150 words or less, describe what inspired you to tackle this particular issue.
10 words or less
In 600 words or less, describe the nature of the problem that the proposal seeks to solve, why it is important, and current actions being taken or not taken by the government, including any applicable partnership activities.
In 600 words or less, describe the proposed policy/program by government, including in partnership with other organizations, the rationale and who should be involved – include evidence base.
In 200 words or less, provide a brief summary of the issue and proposed policy for the general public audience.
Upload any accompanying posters or presentations.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx.