Elizabeth Nielsen

Board of the Consumers Council of Canada and the Consumer Policy Committee of ISO

Dr. Nielsen is a member of the Board of the Consumers Council of Canada and the Consumer Policy Committee of ISO. She has extensive experience working with and representing consumers in the development of standards, legislation, regulations and policies; chairing meetings among stakeholders to develop consensus positions on regulations, guidelines and standards at the national and international level; facilitating consumer consultations; and training at the University level and for the Standards Council of Canada.

In various executive positions at Consumer and Corporate Affairs and Health Canada, Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen was involved in the development, administration and enforcement of legislation and regulations related to the safety of consumer products under such acts as the Hazardous Products Act, (HPA), the Food and Drugs Act, and the Radiation Emitting Devices Act. She was involved with the policy analysis and development of the new Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. In addition, a number of projects carried out by Elizabeth as a consultant since 2005 have involved providing policy analysis, comparison of regulatory frameworks internationally, alternatives to regulations and development of industry guidelines on regulatory initiatives for Health Canada, the Electrical Authority of Ontario, Department of Health for Prince Edward Island, the Consumer Policy Committee of OECD and teaching regulatory policy at the Canada School of the Public Service. In the standards area, she was the International Chair for the development of an ISO standard to provide practical guidance on consumer product safety for those who supply consumer products and a member of the committees revising ISO/IEC Guide 51 on Safety Hazards. As the consumer representative to ISO’s Technical Committee on Nanotechnology, she has been involved in the development of risk assessment and management protocols and guidelines for those who are exposed to nanomaterials and the products in which they are used.