Luncheon Session By Genome Canada and Genome Atlantic; Genomics: Fuelling Canada’s Growing Bioeconomy


Genomes are made out of DNA and contain the “code of life” of any living organism. The work of cracking these codes is unleashing innovations that are helping to address some of the most critical challenges facing the world today, including food security, adaptation to climate change, energy demand and human health. Through a sustained and focused investment of more than $2.3 billion in genomics over the past 14 years, Canada finds itself among world leaders in this field. Further, we are now perfectly positioned to reap the social and economic benefits enabled by this revolutionary technology across all sectors of the life science-based industries, collectively constituting the bio economy. Genome Canada President and CEO, Pierre Meulien, will discuss this game-changing field of science and technology and what it means for Canada. He will be followed by Genome Atlantic President and CEO, Steve Armstrong, who will explain how these two organizations help Atlantic Canadian companies and organizations benefit from genomics.