Natalie Brender

National Director, Genomics in Society
Genome Canada

Natalie Brender joined Genome Canada as National Director of Genomics in Society in August 2015. As a public policy professional, she specializes in translating complex ideas for diverse audiences and making connections among diverse disciplines and stakeholders. From 2008-2015 she was a public policy writer/researcher working with government, professional and non-profit clients; a research associate and publications coordinator at the University of Ottawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies (2011-2015); and a columnist for the Toronto Star on Canada and international affairs (2013-2014). Previously she was senior writer and policy advisor to the President and senior research associate in the Education and Learning Division at the Conference Board of Canada (2005-2008), as well as a policy advisor and speechwriter for Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (2002-04). From 1996-2002 she was an assistant professor at Wesleyan University (Connecticut), specializing in ethics and social/political philosophy. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Johns Hopkins University.