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CSPC Featured Opinions on the 2015 Federal Budget: Implications for Science and Innovation

April 27, 2015
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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute of Sinai Health System

Where’s the Science Beef in Canadian Budget 2015?

In an election year, it is not surprising that any government’s priorities are focused squarely on pleasing the electorate and thin on more ephemeral aspects such as research and education. Budget 2015 was no exception, except that’s not what you might surmise from reading the carefully...

President and CEO

Budget 2015: With the fiscal balance restored where to next?

The Federal Budget is central to establishing the country’s fiscal credibility in a global context, while also helping to underpin the government’s overall policy direction and undertakings. Although the 2015 edition was pre-billed as an ‘austerity’ Budget aimed primarily at...

Senior Vice President, Tax, Finance and Advocacy
CATA Alliance

Opinion on 2015 Federal Budget

While the 2015 federal budget is clearly tempered by pre-election considerations, to us it is lacking in the vision of other earlier budgets.

We are pleased to see the support it provides to small and medium businesses. However, the tax reduction measure needs to be much better framed to avoid...

CEO of Innovation
Atlas Inc. and Research Infosource Inc.

Workman-Like Budget Preserves Key National Programs

The government’s Economic Action Plan 2015 is a workman-like initiative that preserves key elements of the national innovation system and fine-tunes some recent trends, even if it will leave many disappointed.

Most important is the government’s decision to “provide an...

Universities Canada

A Reality Check on Budget 2015

The global economic uncertainty of recent years has led countries to focus increasingly on innovation and the commercialization of research. That’s understandable, given the undisputed link between innovation and prosperity. But this shift need not lead to a division – in institutional and funding...

Associate Provost of Research and Graduate Programs
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

The 2015 Federal Budget Targets Key Segments of Voters

The 2015 Federal budget is a good news budget. Its main beneficiaries are senior citizens, middle class families with children at home and the business community.

It has a strong focus on helping the manufacturing industry transition to the 21st century. It provides a...