CSPC Opinion Budget 2012 by Dr. Timothy I. Meyer

April 9, 2012

Flaherty’s budget is bold and restrained. The $17M for continued work on isotope technologies coupled with the $107M for AECL continuation for the next two years is a welcome recognition of what is required to best position Canada for future diversified supplies of medical isotopes. Although identifying the overall impact of the budget on the research agencies is difficult, it seems that the "1-800 number" concierge service for NRC is going to be concentrated in IRAP with the enhanced budget. In essence, IRAP will get a much better front office—which it has needed. NSERC has identified $15M-$30M of savings over the next two years without impacting its support for basic research. Noble effort indeed, but some of the 19,000 jobs being moved off the core & continuing public payroll are probably involved. The acknowledgement of a future for CFI was an unexpected surprise.