Partnership Prospectus: Science Meets Parliament

Make your organization a Champion of the Science Meets Parliament Program, the first in Canada



In celebration of the 10th conference, the CSPC in partnership with Chief Science Advisor of Canada, is proud to present a new, high-impact opportunity for researchers in Canada to develop skills and experience in science policy. Science Meets Parliament will bring scientists to Ottawa for one-on-one meetings with Members of Parliament and Senators to share their passion for research and innovation. Delegates will gain practical knowledge on the inner workings of political policymaking, broaden their professional networks to include influential members of the science and policy communities, and bring their experiences back to their home institutions. Delegates will also be invited to take part in the Canadian Science Policy Conference, occurring the same week, to extend the benefits of the program.


Investment impact:

CSPC endeavours to make Science Meets Parliament a major platform for raising the prominence of science policy in Canada. As a partner in our pilot year, the impact of your organization’s support and visibility can grow along with the program.

Science Meets Parliament is a national capacity builder working to strengthen connections between scientists and politicians.



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What has been said about Science meets Parliament around the world:

“In Australia, Science meets Parliament has established enduring relationships between politicians and science and technology leaders; led to valuable policy change to the benefit of STEM business; catalysed vital skills for a range of Australia’s STEM leadership; and has helped    to jump start funding and support for    important fields of research.

We are excited to support the establishment of this important event in the    Canadian parliament, to build momentum towards a shared future in a global community that understands and enjoys the benefits to health, wealth and wellbeing brought by science and technology.”    

Science and Technology Australia, Foundational Partner


“Science Meets Parliament is a unique process for bringing together scientists and legislators, and I have no doubt that it will prove as valuable for Canada as it has for this country.”

Senator Kim Carr, Australian Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research


Comments from CSPC 2017:

“The unique perspective. This conference brings together people from a diverse background like no other conference.”

“Diversity of attendees provides ample opportunity for discussion with a variety of valuable perspectives.”

“High-level discussions surrounding science and policy; Broad exposure to policy challenges faced by various industry sectors; and ability for scientists to speak directly to policy makers and government staff.”

“Networking (I met some of the most amazing people and was impressed that you were able to attract such high caliber people to the conference), sitting in on panel discussions where I knew nothing about the topic and taking away so much from it.”