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Nomination Form must be submitted, in English or French, by 23:59 (Nominator’s local time) on Friday, September 15th, 2023.

Please ensure that each element below is included and does not exceed the stated word counts. Please use a separate form to Nominate each individual.

For any inquiries, please contact us at awards.prix@sciencepolicy.ca

    Nominator’s Information

    Nominee's Information

    (Select which category applies to the Nominee. Please ensure the selection of the appropriate category, if the wrong category is selected for a qualified candidate, it will not be considered). For distinction of the three categories, please carefully read each award description.

    Selection Criteria:

    Specifically describe:

    • The depth and breadth of the impact.
    • The novelty and creativity of the work.

    Area(s) of Impact:

    Specifically describe:

    • Relevance to Area(s) of Impact: Describe how the work and the impact of the Nominees’s contribution are relevant to each selected Area of Impact
    • Role of Nominee in Impact: Elaborate on the role that the Nominee played in contributing to the impact and results achieved

    Leadership and Dedication:

    Required Document:

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    Allowed file types: gif|jpg|jpeg|png|pdf|doc|docx|ppt|pptx.