Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) is issuing a request for proposals to provide event planning and coordination for the organization of the 16th Canadian Science Policy Conference taking place in Ottawa on November 20 – 22nd, 2024.

About the Canadian Science Policy Conference

Established in 2009, the Canadian Science Policy Conference, was created to meet an important need for an inclusive national dialogue on science technology and innovation policy. CSPC’s vision is to ensure systematic connectivity between Canada’s diverse scientific enterprises and policymakers at both the bureaucracy and political levels.

The conference has become Canada’s most comprehensive, multi-sector and multidisciplinary forum on science and innovation policy, attracting “who’s who” of science and innovation policy from both the current leadership cadre and the next generation of all sectors of government, academia, private and non-profit sectors as well as media and others.

What to Expect at CSPC 2024:

The 16th annual Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2024) will be held (in person only) at Westin Hotel Ottawa, on November 20 – 22, 2024. Here are estimates for the scale of the conference: (all numbers are approximate and estimate for in person conference)

CSPC 2024 expects 900-1200 participants, more than 300 speakers, approx. 50 concurrent panel sessions (5 sessions at a time), 8 plenary sessions, during its three days. The conference will also be representing an expected 20-30 partner organizations exhibits. CSPC 2024 will also host a Gala dinner with 600 expected attendance which includes an award ceremony, which has become a signature annual event to celebrate Canadian science and innovation policy achievements. Previous keynote speakers at the CSPC Gala include names such as; Former Governor General of Canada, among other prominent figures of Canadian society.

For more information on previous conferences and to review their content, you can view the previous conferences’ proceedings in the following links:

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CSPC 2021 (Virtual):
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All previous conference proceedings and also more information about the canter can be found on our website.

Information Requests:

At minimum, the proposal should address the following items, as applicable:
  1. Background and experience with similar events. Specific examples are preferred.
  2. References, including contact information of at least 2 similar event clients.
  3. If coordinating other events in November or December please address any timing  conflict related to the other events and how you plan to address this.
  4. High-level overview of how you would handle the logistics and the challenge of  increasing attendance, public awareness, and net income related to this event.
  5. Expected remuneration for your services.

CSPC is a small non-profit organization with  limited financial resources, therefore preference will be given to proposals that do not exceed the budget of $60,000 before HST in fees and services. 

Please note:

  • CSPC does not expect extensive documentation and proposal, a minimal application that addresses the requested information is sufficient.
  • Proposals that have limited hours of service, will NOT be considered as the entire conference planning is contracted out as one project.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Full Project Management of the Conference and Client Communication.
  2. Managing all logistics of the conference, including venue, F&B, AV, sponsorship and exhibit management.
  3. Act as point of contact and manage all vendors.
  4. Management of Conference Finances.
  5. Speaker and panel organizers management.
    1. CSPC is fully responsible for the content, program development and speaker recruitment for the conference. Speakers are responsible for their own accommodations and travel support.
    2. Each Panel panel is coordinated by a panel organizer who will be in close contact with the event planner for coordination of the panel content.
  6. Sponsorship management, including all logistics related to sponsors and their benefits.
    1. CSPC is responsible for sponsorship recruitment. 
  7. Draft and send out communications to conference delegates prior to and during the conference
  8. On-Site Management and Staffing.
  9. Registration Management; both in advance, online and on-site. Securing Online registration application.
    1. CSPC is responsible for the cost of registration application. 
  10. Preparation of a Detailed Event Scenario including detailed schedules and action lists.
  11. Risk Management including assessments of possible problems and mitigations.
  12. Final Reports; budget, registration breakdown.
  13. Support the development of conference content which includes; website and online registration, communication with delegates, sponsors and panel organizers.
    1. CSPC has a web developer and a graphic designer, but supporting the creation and coordination of the content with web developer is the event planner’s responsibility.

Virtual Format Responsibilities

CSPC 2024 will be an in-person conference. In the case that restrictions will not allow such a format, the conference will move to a virtual format. In this scenario Event Planner’s responsibilities will also include the following:
  1. The operational logistics of the entire conference including virtual platform provider 
    1. CSPC is in charge of selecting and signing with the virtual platform provider
  2. Client communication while acting as point of contact and managing all vendors.
  3. Acting as a point of contact between platform provider and other parties including speakers, attendees, the centre
  4. Review platform checklist and determine needs
  5. Ensuring the delivery of the platform functionality, and ensuring quality control
  6. Event planners should be on duty (online) for the entire duration of the conference to manage and coordinate all operations. 
  7. Coordination of detailed event scenario for each panel session and, other schedules and action lists


  • Previous conference planning and management experience.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Experience in producing conference materials.
  • Experience working with dignitaries
  • Having access to a full team of support.
  • Promptness and attention to detail.
  • Professional demeanor.
  • Bilingualism (English and French) is an asset.

Proposal Submission:

Deadline: Proposals must be submitted before the deadline of February 28th, 2024.

Submission Details: Please provide an electronic copy of the proposal via the submission form below.

We will contact only proposals that have been short-listed. 

    Files must be less than 2 MB.
    Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

    Terms and Conditions:

    Confidential Information of CSPCAll information provided by or obtained from CSPC in any  form in connection with this request for RFP either before or after the issuance of this RFP:

    (a) is the sole property of CSPC and must be treated as confidential; 

    (b) is not to be used for any purpose other than replying to this RFP and the performance of any subsequent contract; 

    (c) must not be disclosed without prior written authorization from CSPC; and (d) shall be returned by you to CSPC immediately upon the request of CSPC.

    Proposal and Pre-Award Costs: No payment shall be made for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this RFP. No payments will be made for costs incurred for clarification(s) that may be required by CSPC.

    Reserved Rights of CSPC: CSPC reserves the right to:

    a) request written clarification or the submission of supplementary written information in relation to the clarification request from you and incorporate your response to that request for clarification into your proposal; 

    b) assess yours and other proposals on the basis of:

      1. Experience in organizing similar scale of conferences
      2. a financial analysis determining the actual cost of the proposal;
      3. information provided by references;
      4. information provided by you pursuant to CSPC exercising its clarification rights under this RFP process; or
      5. other relevant information that arises during this RFP process;

    c) waive formalities and accept proposals which substantially comply with the requirements of this RFP;

    d) verify with you, other proponents, or with a third party any information set out in a proposal; e) check references other than those provided by you;

    f) disqualify any proponent whose proposal contains misrepresentations or any other inaccurate or misleading information;

    g) disqualify any proponent or the proposal of any proponent who has engaged in conduct prohibited by this RFP;

    h) make changes, including substantial changes, to this RFP provided that those changes be communicated to you prior to accepting your proposal;

    i) select any proponent other than the proponent whose proposal reflects the lowest cost to CSPC or the highest score;

    j) cancel this RFP process at any stage;

    k) cancel this RFP process at any stage and issue a new RFP for the same or similar deliverables;

    l) accept any proposal in whole or in part; or

    m) reject any or all proposals;

    These reserved rights are in addition to any other express rights or any other rights which may be implied in the circumstances and CSPC shall not be liable for any expenses, costs, losses or any direct or indirect damages incurred or suffered by any proponent or any third party resulting from CSPC exercising any of its express or implied rights under this RFP.

    By submitting a proposal, you authorize the collection by CSPC of the information described herein as contemplated above.

    Contact Information: For further details about CSPC and Conferences, please explore our website.

    Questions are welcome and encouraged and can be directed to