Wayne Ablitt

Jannatec Technologies

Wayne Ablitt, President and co-founder of Jannatec Technologies has over 27 years of experience in the communication industry. As President, Wayne’s focus has been to oversee the expansion of the business and foster growth in the mining community. Wayne helps ensure that all products and services are delivered and manages his staff to ensure that they are courteous, prompt and efficient. He also ensures that all of the products are of the highest quality of standards. "I am a very determined individual who wants success. This is accomplished through team building and most importantly, doing and seeing the people around me succeed in their growth." Wayne is currently overseeing a new research development project with the UDMN. "We are currently working on a new personal thermal management system outfit and a new wearable electronic platform. We will be committing close to 4 million dollars in the next 4 years to develop these new products needed for the mining community."