Kristy Duncan

Speech by the Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science at CSPC 2015

Minister Reza Moridi

CSPC 2015: Message from Hon. Minister Reza Moridi

Arthur McDonald

“The science of SNO and SNOLAB”, Opening Speech by Dr. Arthur McDonald

Man talking

Keynote Session: Science Advice to Government

Keynote discussion

Keynote Session- Perspectives on the Science and Technology Policy Landscape and Capacity Building

Dr. Kamiel

CSPC 2015: Dr. Kamiel Gabriel, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Sir Peter Gluckman

CSPC 2015: Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Officer, New Zealand

Dr Margaret Dalziel

CSPC 2015: Dr. Margaret Dalziel, The Evidence Network

Dr. Dugan O'Neil

CSPC 2015: Dr. Dugan O’Neil, Compute Canada

Dr. Alan Bernstein

CSPC 2015: Dr. Alan Bernstein, CIFAR

Daryl Copeland

CSPC 2015: Daryl Copeland, Guerrilla Diplomacy

Dr. Chandrika Nath

CSPC 2015: Dr. Chandrika Nath, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Cedric Bisson

CSPC 2015: Cedric Bisson, Teralys Capital

Dr. Kattie Gibbs

CSPC 2015: Dr. Katie Gibbs, Evidence For Democracy

Dr. Janet Bax

CSPC 2015: Dr. Janet Bax, Council of Canadian Academies

Dr. Florence Piron

CSPC 2015: Dr. Florence Piron, Université Laval

Dr. Bonnie Schmidt

CSPC 2015: Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, Let’s Talk Science

Dr. Girish Shah

CSPC 2015: Dr. Girish Shah, Université Laval

Professor Adam Holbrook

CSPC 2015: Professor Adam Holbrook, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen

CSPC 2015: Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen, Consumers Council of Canada

Dr. Heather Douglas

CSPC 2015: Dr. Heather Douglas, University of Waterloo

Seqian Wang

CSPC 2015: Seqian Wang, Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory

Dr. Remi Quirion

CSPC 2015: Dr. Remi Quirion, Fonds de recherche du Québec

Hon Kirsty Duncan

CSPC 2015: Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science

Naser Faruqui

CSPC 2015: Naser Faruqui, IDRC

Dr. Rahim Rezaie

CSPC 2015: Dr. Rahim Rezaie, Centre for Global Engineering

Brian Owens

CSPC 2015: Brian Owens

Miles Berry

CSPC 2015: Miles Berry, University of Roehampton

Dr. Margaret Walton

CSPC 2015: Dr. Margaret Walton Roberts, School of International Policy and Governance

Dr. Silke Nebel

CSPC 2015: Dr. Silke Nebel, Science to Action Consulting

Dr. Robin Winsor

CSPC 2015: Dr. Robin Winsor, Cybera

Dr. Wendell Wallach

CSPC 2015: Dr. Wendell Wallach, University of Ottawa

Dr. Paul Dufour

CSPC 2015: Dr. Paul Dufour, PaulicyWorks

Dr. Stephen Woods and Jennifer Flanagan

CSPC 2015: Dr. Steven Woods/Jennifer Flanagan, Google Canada/Actua

Michael Cruse

CSPC 2015: Michael Kruse, Bad Science Watch