The Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) recognizes the efforts of individuals who make exceptional contributions to the field of science policy, as well as the efforts of the youth who demonstrate the possibilities of innovative, evidence-based policies that positively impact Canadians.

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Call for Competition

The deadline for applications has passed, thank you to all who have applied.

Award winners were announced at the gala dinner on Nov 17th, 2022.

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2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

2022 – Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Citizen Advocate on Environmental, Cultural and Human Rights

Sheila Watt-Cloutier has been selected as a result of so many years of exceptional contribution and leadership over the course of her career in bringing Indigenous perspectives and knowledge to national and international policymaking, in particular on environmental health, sustainability and preservation.

She has raised awareness of the threat of climate change in the Arctic and its relationship to human rights and Indigenous rights in Canada, and globally, She has been clearly articulating the interconnectedness of Inuit culture, the environment, the economy, foreign policy, global health, and sustainability. Her work with the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment integrated traditional and western knowledge and evidence, bringing a human face to climate change in the Arctic. She has inspired the science policy community across Canada with her insights, courage, and voice.

The CSPC Science Policy Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to science policy, and throughout their career have championed and inspired the science policy community in Canada. This award recognizes the work of individuals who have worked in science policy over a period of many years and made a deep impact in Canadian science policy.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is nominated and selected by the CSPC Board of Directors. CSPC encourages all individuals and/or organizations to forward names of any persons who they believe might deserve to be nominated for this award to CSPC ( The CSPC is committed to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and encourages individuals from all groups to apply. An individual may win the CSPC award only once.

The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be selected by the CSPC Board of Directors. If you would like to recommend an individual to be considered, please contact All recommended names will be submitted to the CSPC Board of Directors.

2022 Trailblazer Award Winners

2022 – Trailblazer Award Winner

Dr. Elicia Maine

Associate Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization and Innovation, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Elicia Maine, Associate Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization and Innovation at Simon Fraser University, was selected for her work on the i2I program, which was tailor-made to mobilize university research, teach science and technology commercialization, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset in graduate scientists and engineers. Dr. Maine recognized key gaps in our Canadian science innovation ecosystem: Canadian STEM researchers being underutilized, Canadian science breakthroughs being underdeveloped and scientists needing additional support to translate discoveries into value-creating products and companies. This program nurtures a pipeline of talent within the wider Canadian innovation ecosystem and is recognized globally because of its distinct approach to unleashing the innovation potential of STEM researchers.

2022 – Trailblazer Award Winner

Dr. Gregory J. Smallwood

Principal Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Gregory J. Smallwood, Principal Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada, was selected for his work on international climate change-related policy, which comes at a critical time in efforts to achieve global policy agreements to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. His science-to-policy advocacy has had a dramatically positive impact on reducing global transportation-related black carbon and other nvPM that are key drivers of climate change and adverse health effects. In particular, his sustained and creative policy advocacy has resulted in one of the most significant changes to global aircraft engine emission standards since the 1980s.

2022 – Trailblazer Award Winner

Dr. Imogen Coe

Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Dr. Imogen Coe, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University, was selected for her work on integrating the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into the research ecosystem of STEM including into the policies and practices of funding agencies and government, and into the workplaces of commerce and industry where scientific knowledge may be generated or applied. Long before EDI became street-talk within government and academia, she recognized a problem endemic to science. She has had significant influence on where, when, and how EDI has been – and is being – integrated into policy developed by government, funding agencies, scholarly societies, post-secondary institutions, health-care entities, and commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. Imogen Coe has inspired a generation with her championship work on EDI.

The CSPC Trailblazer Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated novelty, creativity and impact through leadership, vision, courage, and commitment to the overall advancement of the science and innovation policy ecosystem. These individuals have been instrumental in the Canadian policy environment by boldly spearheading change via one or more transformative initiatives, all while blazing a trail and inspiring others to follow.

CSPC 2022 will present two Trailblazer Awards, one in each of the categories of Science Policy and Innovation Policy.

CSPC encourages nominations from all disciplines of science (natural sciences and engineering, social and human sciences, and health sciences) and policy, and from all sectors (governments at all levels, academia, private and nonprofit sectors, media, and others).

CSPC Trailblazer Award criteria details:
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2022 Youth Award Winner

2022 – Winner: Alex Young Soo Lee

Medical Student, University of Ottawa

Topic: Addressing the Homelessness Crisis through H.O.U.S.E. Approach

Runner Up:

Projected Product Lifespan, a labeling system encouraging long-lived portable electronics

Runner Up:

Projected Product Lifespan, a labeling system encouraging long-lived portable electronics

Featured Applicants:
– Improving Transparency & Accountability in Deployment of AI Systems
– A National Digital Literacy Strategy for Indigenous Communities

This award recognizes a young individual (student, postdoctoral fellow, researcher, entrepreneur, etc.) under the age of 35 who proposes an innovative and compelling evidence-based policy that will make a positive difference to Canadians. This award is designed not only to highlight innovative, evidence-driven policy ideas by policy students and young professionals, but also to encourage young people not currently studying, or working on, public policy to share their policy ideas.

Eligible recipients include all young Canadian residents under 35, regardless of their field of study or work.

CSPC Youth Award criteria details:
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