The Canadian Science Policy Centre is now accepting volunteers

CSPC has reached full capacity for volunteer positions for the year 2024. We extend our gratitude to all those who have shown interest and submitted their applications. Should you be interested, please submit an application, and you will be contacted once space opens up.

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At this time, we regret to inform you that volunteer submission for the current year is now closed. However, we encourage prospective volunteers to stay connected with us and consider submitting their applications for the year 2025. We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment.

CSPC is a grass root organization that relies on the contribution of volunteers for its development. Please submit your application and we will reach out to you for 2025.

Why volunteer for CSPC?

Since its inception in 2009, the CSPC as a grass root organization, has been relying on the contribution of volunteers for its development. Cumulatively, more than 1200 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career professionals from various disciplines across Canada have served on various CSPC committees and contributed to the organization of its conference each year. The Centre has been a gateway for volunteers to learn about science policy issues and organizations, and volunteers often go on to successfully pursue careers in science policy. CSPC is a unique environment where you will gain valuable experience while helping to build and impact the science policy community.

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Being a CSPC volunteer offers exciting opportunities to:

  • Gain valuable experience and expertise to meaningfully impact the Canadian science policy landscape
  • Help organizing shape the annual Canadian science policy conference
  • Through CSPC, expand your leadership skills and take initiative in advancing new projects and exploring new frontiers in science policy
  • Network and generate discussions with other professionals in the science, technology, and innovation policy field in an inclusive environment
  • Get an inside look at CSPC, a national hub for science policy in Canada
  • Link your science with societal issues

What is involved in volunteering for CSPC?

Volunteers will contribute 3-5 hours per week, with the majority of communications taking place via email and video conference calls. Therefore, you can be anywhere in Canada. If you have an interest in Canadian science, technology, and innovation policy, we could use your help in one of our volunteer committees.

What are the CSPC volunteer committees?

The committee is responsible for the content of the annual conference by coordinating the call for panel proposals for the conference, reviewing and selecting the submissions, liaising with panel organizers and coordinating the organization of the panels, and the delivery of these sessions at the conference.

The committee is responsible for soliciting editorial and thought pieces from experts for the Editorial page, as well as the publication of The Canadian Science Policy Magazine

The committee is responsible for the coordination of various CSPC events throughout the year. These events include virtual sessions, panels, interviewsworkshops, and in-person events (once it is safe to resume them).

The committee is responsible for identifying grant funding opportunities for CSPC and writing grant proposals, as well as conducting research to explore and synthesize relevant content in the fields of science and innovation policy and CSPC’s topics of interest.

The committee will assist with designing, distributing, and analyzing the survey following the annual conference to assess the conference against its goals and objectives. This committee will produce a survey of other CSPC programs including the virtual events and produce results with a summary and recommendations for future conferences. This year, the committee worked on the Survey of Parliamentarians, among other projects.

The committee is in charge of an initiative performed in partnership with the Chief Science Advisor: a program entitled “Science Meets Parliament”. Science Meets Parliament brings scientists working in Canada to Parliament Hill in order to meet with Members of Parliament and Senators, attend House and Senate committee meetings, discuss scientific research, and gain familiarity with the political process.

As a committee member, you will have the opportunity to review and evaluate scientists’ applications, arrange meeting schedules, as well as liaise with scientists, Members of Parliament, and Senators.

The committee is responsible for the coordination of the promotion and selection process of the science policy awards. Awards include: Youth Award, Trailblazer Awards, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. The committee is responsible for the call for and collection of proposals, coordination of referee meetings, and dissemination of competition outcome.

The committee is responsible for operating CSPC’s social media accounts: LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook, and promoting the CSPC programs and relevant content in science and innovation policy fields. Expanding the reach of CSPC to relevant organizations and individuals according to CSPC’s vision and mission to strengthen the linkages between science and policy.

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