Science Meets Parliament 2023

The 3rd Science Meets Parliament Program for 2023 is now complete and was a huge success.

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43 Delegates from across Canada were welcomed on Parliament Hill on May 2nd and met one-on-one with 63 parliamentarians from across the political spectrum, and attended several House and Senate Committee Meetings as well as Question Period.

The SMP Program is championed by CSPC and Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer. SMP aims to strengthen the connections between Canada’s scientific and political communities, enable a two-way dialogue, and promote mutual understanding, to benefit parliamentarians, the scientific community, and the Canadian public alike.

This program included a day of extensive meetings with Parliamentarians (in a one-on-one format) and attending the House committees that were in session. The program also included eight training sessions centered on science policy, government structure and policy making, science communication,and EDI in science, among others.

Overall, this unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience changed the ways that participating scientists think about parliament and pointed out the numerous ways that one can connect with parliamentarians – on the hill or in their ridings in the future.

Previous iterations of the program can be found here.

This Program would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors: The Royal Military College of Canada, The Stem Cell Network, and the University of British Columbia.

Special thanks to our sponsors

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Check out what delegates and parliamentarians have to say about SMP 2023:


“The meetings are worthwhile opportunities for MP’s to get a better sense of the scope and depth of research being done in Canada, how we collaborate internationally and both the value and limitations of science in policy-making.”

~ Parliamentarian

“Such a tremendous opportunity at a vital time in our country to connect decision-makers in Parliament with key scientists and experts across Canada.”

~ Parliamentarian

“It’s always great — although we do it only annually — to deliberate with real, on the ground, technically qualified people who can provide input beyond the narrative chatter that is the stock and trade (unfortunately) of today’s political discourse.”

~ Parliamentarian


“The Science meets Parliament experience was a rich and transformative experience. It offered a real-world opportunity for scientists and policymakers to interact together. It helped understand better our different languages, cultures and codes, as well as the relationship-building work that is required to bridge these two different and interdependent worlds. Moreover, this was a great opportunity to connect with fellow scientists from a wide range of disciplines, and build on our common interests in contributing to informed public debates.”

~ Delegate

“This program has fundamentally changed my mindset about science’s role in Canada’s governance. The experience will help to shape the ways in which I disseminate my research, and encourage me to become more involved in decision-making. Most critically, the program has shown me that tools to inform policy exist, but the responsibility falls on scientists to use them, and use them effectively.”

~ Delegate

“Science is vital to the public good of Canada, but only when it is done with awareness of what science outcomes might mean to the public, and knowledge about how to communicate those outcomes in ways that the public and policy makers can understand. The SMP program is critical for fostering this kind of knowledge transfer and for engaging academics in dialogue with Parliamentarians. I hope that it only grows and grows in strength and vitality over the coming years!”

~ Delegate

“The Science Meets Parliament program is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. To be able to see the excitement that individuals in the policy realm have for science and the power that we as scientists have to promote how our work impacts Canadians around the country was immensely valuable. I was privileged to be selected as a delegate this year, and if I could, I would apply for this program year after year!”

~ Delegate

“This outstanding training program gave me a deeper understanding of how to engage effectively with policymakers, while allowing me to raise awareness of my research. The in-person event with Parliamentarians exceeded my expectations!”

~ Delegate

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