Make your organization a champion of Canada’s Science Meets Parliament Program

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Investment impact:

Science Meets Parliament 2023 builds the national capacity for engaged researchers able to effectively insert Canadian scientific expertise into public policy processes. Our focus on strong, resilient relationships between scientists and politicians generates long-term stability and support across a broad cross-section of knowledge and innovation sectors. What’s more, the program is quickly emerging as a major platform for raising the prominence of science policy in Canada. As an early partner, the impact and visibility of your organization’s support will grow along with the program.

Benefits Gold ($10,000+) Silver (> $6000+) Bronze (> $3000+)
Advertisement in Delegate Booklet Full Page Half Page Logo
Dedicated social media acknowledgement 5 3 1
Invitation to reception evening 3 2 1
Podium acknowledgement
Logo on the Website
Logo acknowledgement in email to delegates
Logo acknowledgement on the poster before the beginning of virtual sessions
Banner display at event
Selection and free entry for one Delegate*
Opportunity to welcome delegates in one of the virtual workshops

What the Delegates are saying:

“This is a valuable eye-opening experience for scientists to learn about current issues, the legislative process, and most importantly, to get to know the MPs.”

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate as a delegate in the inaugural Canadian Science Meets policy program. I learned more than I could have hoped and am so immensely impressed by the way we, as scientists, we welcomed by Parliamentarians. This program has changed the way I will communicate about my research and the way I will advise my students.”

“The Science Meets Parliament program offered an incomparable opportunity to get a close-up view of how parliament works, and where science fits in. I have a better understanding of the role of research in parliamentary and legislative processes. Now I know how to let parliamentarians know about research that could benefit them and the broader public when making policy.”

What has been said about Science meets Parliament around the world:

“In Australia, Science meets Parliament has established enduring relationships between politicians and science and technology leaders; led to valuable policy change to the benefit of STEM business; catalysed vital skills for a range of Australia’s STEM leadership; and has helped to jump start funding and support for important fields of research.

We are excited to support the establishment of this important event in the Canadian parliament, to build momentum towards a shared future in a global community that understands and enjoys the benefits to health, wealth and well being brought by science and technology.”

Science and Technology Australia, Foundational Partner
“Science Meets Parliament is a unique process for bringing together scientists and legislators, and I have no doubt that it will prove as valuable for Canada as it has for this country.”
Senator Kim Carr, Australian Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Media coverage from the pilot year