Volunteering with the CSPC


Jai Persaud (PhD)

Federal Government

Former Senior Policy Advisor and Senior Economist, and Former Associate Director of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council

Telfer School of Business, University of Ottawa

Former Adjunct Professor

Disclaimer: The French version of this editorial has been auto-translated and has not been approved by the author.

I volunteered with the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) as one of the activities I undertook after retiring from the government where I served in numerous capacities including Senior Policy Advisor, Senior Economist and Associate Director, Science, Technology, and Innovation Council. I found that volunteering with CSPC allowed me to stay close and informed on the major issues that impact the economic and social wellbeing of Canadians to meet the various challenges in a global economy. The volunteer experience allowed me to meet the key players across academia, government, and industry as well as many young students that would play major future roles in Canada. My volunteer work with CSPC also gave me the opportunity to review and provide input and comments and participate in activities of the CSPC. I found the teamwork, use of technology, discussions at meetings, reviewing editorials and participating in all the pre-sessions prior to the conferences was a good learning experience. A special memory was working on the conference magazines and in particular the inaugural magazine which was a great accomplishment for sharing ideas and bringing ideas forward. Having the opportunity to attend the CSPC conference was always a rewarding experience to hear from world leading experts of advanced thinking around science, technology and innovation and of reimagining the future.