Policy always has some element of building the rails as you drive down them, but this year has been a case study in figuring things out on the go. It has been a year where the voice of experts can make or break our recovery. We must listen to their knowledge, often knowledge we didn’t know existed or ways of knowing that we hadn’t expected. As the title of the magazine states – we’re looking to build forward better while in the middle of a pandemic that has not yet abated. The process of selecting authors for the magazine is always a delicate balance, and we wanted to provide a sampling of the diverse voices that are guiding Canada’s future, while dealing with the issues of the present.
This magazine would not be possible, however, without the world of CPSC’s volunteers – specifically the editorial team who took the time to select, process, and assemble the articles. And to our authors, thank you so much for your time, your work, and your visions for a future where we are all building forward better.