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CSPC, with the support of the Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Janet Austin, and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, the Honourable Raj Chouhan, is proud to present the first Science Meets Parliament – British Columbia, a high-impact opportunity for researchers in BC to develop skills and experience in science policy. Science Meets Parliament BC 2024 invites researchers from all disciplines and fields, including medical and natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, to spend a day at the provincial legislature. There, researchers will learn about policy making in BC and meet with and share their research with MLAs. Delegates will gain practical knowledge of the inner workings of political policy making, broaden their professional networks to include influential members of the science and policy communities, enhance their communication skills for new contexts and audiences, and carry their experiences back to share with their home institutions.

This program has proven to strengthen the connections between Canada’s scientific and political communities, while providing an excellent opportunity for researchers to learn about the inclusion of scientific evidence in policy making in the provincial legislature. This initiative is not meant to be an advocacy exercise, and will not include any discussion of science funding or other forms of advocacy.

Investment impact:

Science Meets Parliament BC 2024 builds the provincial capacity for engaged researchers to effectively insert BC-based scientific expertise into public policy processes. Our focus on strong, resilient relationships between scientists and politicians generates long-term stability and support across a cross-section of knowledge and innovation sectors. What’s more, the Program is quickly emerging as a major platform for raising the prominence of science policy in Canada. As an early partner, the impact and visibility of your organization’s support will grow along with the program.

The Science Meets Parliament BC 2024 program will include:

  • A mandatory orientation session that includes information about the business of the provincial legislature and exercises that prepare delegates to speak with politicians
  • Virtual workshops on science policy evidence-based decision making, science communication and media
  • Meetings with MLAs
  • Observation of committee meetings
  • Networking reception with MLAs

IMPORTANT: There is a special discount for organizations who are a CSPC partner, Program Member, or sponsor of the Federal SMP program.

Benefits Champions ($10,000+) Partners (> $6000+) Collaborators (> $3000+)
Advertisement in Delegate Booklet Full Page Half Page Logo
Dedicated social media acknowledgment 5 3 1
Invitation to Networking Reception with Delegates,  Parliamentarians,  Bureaucrats, Private Sector Partners, and Invited Guests 3 2 1
Free pass to CSPC 2024 2 1
Podium Acknowledgement
Logo on the Website
Logo acknowledgement in email to delegates
Logo acknowledgement on the poster before the beginning of virtual sessions
Banner display at event
Free Entry for one Delegate*
Selection and free entry for one Delegate*
Opportunity to Welcome Delegates in Orientation Session or in One of the Virtual Workshops

*CSPC will work with Champion-level Sponsors to assist in identifying a candidate. Sponsored candidates must still meet some qualification criteria. Limited to 5 Champion-level sponsors.

What the Delegates are saying:

“The Science meets Parliament experience was a rich and transformative experience. It offered a real-world opportunity for scientists and policymakers to interact together. It helped understand better our different languages, cultures and codes, as well as the relationship-building work that is required to bridge these two different and interdependent worlds. Moreover, this was a great opportunity to connect with fellow scientists from a wide range of disciplines, and build on our common interests in contributing to informed public debates.

“This program has fundamentally changed my mindset about science’s role in Canada’s governance. The experience will help to shape the ways in which I disseminate my research, and encourage me to become more involved in decision-making. Most critically, the program has shown me that tools to inform policy exist, but the responsibility falls on scientists to use them, and use them effectively.”

“This outstanding training program gave me a deeper understanding of how to engage effectively with policymakers, while allowing me to raise awareness of my research. The in-person event with Parliamentarians exceeded my expectations!”

What the MPs are saying about SMP 2023:

“The meetings are worthwhile opportunities for MP’s to get a better sense of the scope and depth of research being done in Canada, how we collaborate internationally and both the value and limitations of science in policy-making.”
“Such a tremendous opportunity at a vital time in our country to connect decision-makers in Parliament with key scientists and experts across Canada.”
“It’s always great — although we do it only annually — to deliberate with real, on the ground, technically qualified people who can provide input beyond the narrative chatter that is the stock and trade (unfortunately) of today’s political discourse.”

What has been said about Science meets Parliament around the world:

“In Australia, Science meets Parliament has established enduring relationships between politicians and science and technology leaders; led to valuable policy change to the benefit of STEM business; catalysed vital skills for a range of Australia’s STEM leadership; and has helped to jump start funding and support for important fields of research.

We are excited to support the establishment of this important event in the Canadian parliament, to build momentum towards a shared future in a global community that understands and enjoys the benefits to health, wealth and well being brought by science and technology.”

Science and Technology Australia, Foundational Partner

“Science Meets Parliament is a unique process for bringing together scientists and legislators, and I have no doubt that it will prove as valuable for Canada as it has for this country.”

Senator Kim Carr, Australian Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research