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Global environmental change and sustainability require engagement with civil society and wide participation to gain social legitimacy, also, it is necessary to open cooperation among different scientific disciplines, borderless collaboration, and collaborative learning processes, among other crucial issues.

Those efforts have been recurrently encompassed by the idea of ‘Transdisciplinarity’ (TD), which is a fairly new word and evolving concept. Several of those characteristics are daily practices in academic and non-academic communities, sometimes under different words or conceptions.

With this workshop, Belmont Forum and IAI aim to open a collective reflection on the ideas and practices around TD to foster participatory knowledge production. Our goal is to create a safe environment for people to share their impressions about TD, as a form of experimental lab based on a culture of collaboration.

Headshot of Dr. Lily House Peters

Dr. Lily House-Peters

Associate Professor of Sustainability Science

Headshot of Dr. Gabriela-Alonso Yanez

Dr. Gabriela-Alonso Yanez

Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Headshot of Marshalee Valentine

Marshalee Valentine
MSc, BTech

Co-Funder and President of the board, International Women’s Coffee Alliance Jamaica.

Headshot of Fany Ramos Quispe

Fany Ramos Quispe

Science Technology and Policy Fellow, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

Headshot of Dr. Laila Sandroni

Dr. Laila Sandroni

Science Technology and Policy Fellow, InterAmerican Institute for Global Change Research

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