Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) recognizes individuals who exceptionally contribute to the field of science policy and youth who show innovative evidence-based policy that positively impacts Canadians.
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As an enabler in science policy, CSPC has always strived to recognize the contributions of individuals to this field, at different stages of their lives and professional careers and in various fields.

With that in mind, in 2019, CSPC established a new category of awards for Exceptional Contribution to Science Policy. This award recognizes the work of individuals who have worked in science policy over a period of many years and made a deep impact in Canadian science policy.

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2020 – Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Robert Slater

Adjunct Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University

Executive Director of the Regulatory Governance Initiative

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2020 – Trailblazer Award Winner: Dr. Cara Tannenbaum

Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHR’s) Institute of Gender and Health

Professor in the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal

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2019 – Winner: Paul Dufour

Principal, Paulicy Works

Senior Fellow, Institute for Science, Society & Policy, University of Ottawa


This award recognizes a young individual (student, postdoctoral fellow, researcher, entrepreneur, etc.) under the age of 35 who proposes an innovative and compelling evidence-based policy that will make a positive difference to Canadians. This award is designed not only to highlight innovative, evidence-driven policy ideas by policy students and young professionals, but also to encourage young people not currently studying, or working on, public policy to share their policy ideas.

Eligible recipients include all young Canadian residents under 35, regardless of their field of study or work.

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2020 – Winner: Hannah Harrison

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Geography, Environment & Geomatics, University of Guelph

Topic: Improving seafood direct-marketing for Canadian economic resilience and food security

Runners up:

  • Andrea ReidRestoring Canada’s Pacific Salmon for a Resilient, Socially Just Future
  • Nadwa Elbadri – Evaluation of Microbial Health Risks Facing Migrant Workers in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)
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2019 – Winner: Emily De Sousa

Graduate, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Guelph

Topic: Eliminating Seafood Fraud: A Fishy Approach to Food Policy

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2018 – Winner: Jessica Kolopenuk

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta

Topic: An Indigenous Approach to Canada’s National Missing Persons DNA Program

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2017 – Winner: Sierra Clark

MSc Candidate, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University

Topic: Residential Woodburning in Canada: Health and Climate Effects and Intervention Strategies

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2016 – Winner: Amani Saini

Master of Public Administration, Dalhousie University and Bachelor’s of Political Science, University of British Columbia

Topic: Using Genetic Tests to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions

Impact of the Youth Excellence Award

The Youth Excellence Award positively impacts the lives of all winners and runners up. Watch past winners discuss the impact this award or read their comments.